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Ceiling Fans are Ready to Be Ceiling Centerpieces

Ceiling Fans are Ready to Be Ceiling Centerpieces

Ceiling Fans are Ready to Be Ceiling Centerpieces


Most people think of ceiling fans as plain and boring. For decades, our ceiling fans have been designed to fade into the background of any room. There may be a few lovely glass light covers, but the overall design is one that blends with the ceiling or the room's colors without drawing attention to the fan itself. We often see installing a ceiling fan as a less flattering but airflow-necessary alternative to a decorative fixture like a chandelier or pendant light

However, this simply isn't true anymore. Ceiling fans don't have to be boring or plain. A ceiling fan, designed beautifully can bring attention, light, and color to the entire room. The right ceiling fan can serve as an accent piece of the decor or even its own ceiling centerpiece - as elegant as any modest chandelier. In fact, the spinning nature of the fans brings a decorative element only possible with fan blades.


Elegant Fan Light Fixtures

The most traditional way to make a ceiling fan beautiful is to pair it with a lovely built-in light fixture. This is a practical and elegant way to combine two ceiling fixtures into one. We're all familiar with the usual heavy glass light covers on a classic ceiling fan design, but these also look like your grandmother's light covers. Branch out and get creative by taking advantage of modern ceiling fan design options.

When installing a ceiling fan in your home, you can choose one with unique and elegant light fixtures that complement the entire room, including the fan itself, as a piece of the decor. Today, there are more ceiling fan lighting options than ever, from domes to cups to chandelier-alikes. You can even hang a few glittering strands of crystal from the center of your ceiling fan, just be prepared for soft tinkling sounds when the fan oscillates.


Ornate Fan Blade Design

Of course, the real upgrade in fan design comes in the fan blades themselves. While we've been experimenting with fan light fixture styles for decades, it's what we can do with a fan blade that has improved significantly in the last decade. Ornate fan blades have the potential to transform a plain ceiling fan into a chandelier in motion.

Without the dangling crystals, instead your fan blades can be designed to any shape, finish, molding, and inlay that you desire. From a Victorian lattice design to Baroque curling vines and flowers, you can complete (and air-circulate) any elegant space with the perfect ornate ceiling fan.


Spinning Fan Blade Design

Another fantastic option for the artistic homeowner is a fan blade design meant to spin. Where most fan blades become a mono-color blur in the spin, some designer fans have a blade design that spins a creative swirl in its radius around your ceiling. Fans with swooping and circular designs that continue from blade to blade are ideal to create the spinning visual effect. Even a simple two-tone fan or one layer of overlay can create a beautiful ceiling swirl. You can choose something understated that surprises guests who look up and see swirling artwork on your ceiling when the fan is on. Or you can choose a colorful spinning fan design that creates a vivid swirl every time the fan is switched on.

If you do choose a spinning fan design, a second, often unforeseen, benefit is the slow-spin. When you set your ceiling fans on low to gently circulate air without creating a breeze, that spin will get an all-new look as it's spinning slow enough to make out the details. Family and guests will enjoy a chance to examine the beautiful spinning artwork both in-detail and when it becomes an artistic blur.


Stylishly Angled Fan Blades

In our minds eye, all ceiling fans look alike - off white or wood-toned with the same four rounded-rectangle and gently-angled blades. But technology and artistic fan design has come a long way since those old off-white rectangle-bladed fans were installed. Instead of the traditional blade shape, look into some of the newer and more aesthetic fan blade designs.

The number of fan blades may vary between two and six blades to suit your unique room design and personal taste. But even better, those blades are angled in new ways. Some have blades that angle gently but flare out stylishly to one peak-corner on each blade. Some fan blades have flying buttress wire, extending from the blade to stylishly allow a deeper air-sweeping angle with reinforced structural support at the same time. What your guests will see is an elegant new ceiling fan design with surprising depth and detail.


Decoratively Caged Ceiling Fans

For a decorative indoor and outdoor design in ceiling fans, consider the simple caged fan. The caged fan was originally designed for clean outdoor use. Polished heavy-gauge wire forms an open mesh around the fans to protect them from tree branches and windy debris. However, after this design was used on many porches and patios, the market discovered that the designs are beautiful indoors, as well. When the alloy of the surrounding structure and the design of the fan are both perfectly matched, spinning blades inside a wire cage can be beautiful no matter where you hang it. 

A caged ceiling fan is not only beautiful, it's also protected and versatile. Indoor-outdoor spaces are ideal for caged ceiling fans. Parents of active children can also rest easy knowing that your light fixture is safe from bouncing balls, thrown toys, and swinging plastic light sabers alike. The caged fan brings style and safety to the modern living room.


Subtlety Elegant Ceiling Fans

Last but certainly not least, is the option for subtly. As fans come in a wider variety of designs, colors, materials, and inlays - you can also choose a muted elegant style. While we've been spotlighting the ways that a beautiful ceiling fan could be spectacular, many home interior designs are based on subtly rather than spectacle. Just as you might have placed a simple pendant light instead of a chandelier, decorative ceiling fans have grown up to offer some truly understated elegance - the perfect final accent piece and lighting fixture for any beautifully decorated room.


Here at Urban Ambiance, we pride ourselves on helping homeowners find the perfect fixture for any room. To talk about your home design and ceiling fan needs or to explore our selection of decorative ceiling fans on your own, contact us today!

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