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Brighten Your Home in Historic Colonial Style

Brighten Your Home in Historic Colonial Style

Colonial style lighting is a natural fit for a colonial home, but the characteristically simple lines and warm aesthetic of the design complement a wide range of architectural styles. When selecting lighting for your home don't overlook the classic lines and casual warmth of the colonial style. The reason colonial style is still so popular after a resurgence in the '70s is the simple design elements that enhance and create balance across the architectural style spectrum.

Outdoor Lanterns and Posts

The wildly popular colonial front door lanterns, pendants, and yard posts highlight the elements of colonial style lighting  In the 1800s glass was prohibitively expensive, and lanterns with an excess of metal and very little glass were commonplace. The reliance on metal is a feature of the colonial style to this day. Originally built to function with candles and oil, the design of contemporary colonial lights still reflects the original intent, albeit with more design flair and more glass, as seen in Urban Ambiance's colonial Cambridge collection.

Indoor Lights Exude Charm

Nothing warms up a room like a candlelit chandelier, and the chandeliers in the Urban Ambiance Charleston collection recall the elegance of historic Charleston, SC in polished nickel and bronze finishes. The Marseille chandelier collection stuns with exposed bulbs, smooth black silk finishes, and vintage touches reminiscent of historical Marseille.

Welcoming guests in your front entryway or any entry to your house starts with a well-lit area, and the Melbourne collection features colonial design with a modern twist in brushed nickel and bronze finishes.

Perhaps the enduring appeal of the colonial style rests with recalling our early history. This style evokes the past, and coupled with modern design flair brings this past into our homes, and even though the seeded glass commonly found in this style may not be perfect, it is our history, and we embrace it.

Contact us at Urban Ambiance, and we'll help you select colonial style lights to brighten up your home!

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