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Bedroom Lighting - A Touch of Luxury

Bedroom Lighting - A Touch of Luxury

Some people consider the bedroom as an afterthought -- merely a place to crash after a busy day.  However, bedrooms serve an important function by offering a private and personal space where individuals or couples can relax and unwind after a challenging day.  Bedrooms also play an important role in more practical functions like reading, watching TV or perhaps using a tablet or PC.  Fortunately, there are many lighting options available that can add a touch of style and luxury to any bedroom, while still providing good lighting for more practical tasks.

Chandeliers and Pendants

Nothing says "luxury" like a strategically placed chandelier or a group of pendants to add unique drama to the bedroom.  These types of lighting fixtures can provide illumination for the entire bedroom when it is necessary, such as when getting dressed in the morning.  However, they can also be fitted with dimmer switches and can provide a relaxed and intimate mood when desired.  

Wall Sconces 

Unique wall sconces are a beautiful addition to any decor and work well for those who like to read, use their computer or watch TV in bed.  They come in a wide range of styles that can provide just the right amount of decorative touch to turn a bland wall into one with style.

Recessed Lighting

Some people like the flexibility offered by having recessed lighting in their bedroom.  It's a subtle, discrete way to add lighting to a bedroom but still offers plenty of illumination throughout the room.  In addition, recessed lighting is often used to highlight a unique architectural feature of the bedroom or perhaps a piece of artwork.

Ceiling Lights and Fans

Some people feel the need to have a fan running when they sleep at night, whether it's because they like the noise or because they sleep better in a cool room.  Regardless, there are a variety of stylish ceiling fans and ceiling lights to go with them, or some people prefer to add just a ceiling light to ensure there is plenty of lighting in the room when they need it.


Lastly, some people prefer lamps in the bedroom over other fixtures like wall sconces.  They offer flexibility in that they can be moved around to provide illumination wherever needed.  Of course, many lamps are quite decorative and can add a notable amount of style and luxury to an otherwise average-looking bedroom.

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