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9 Ways to Update Your Kitchen Island with Lighting


9 Ways to Update Your Kitchen Island with Lighting

Your kitchen island is one of your home's most important focal points. It's where you prepare meals, eat, and socialize with family or friends. However, it's easy to forget about this space when decorating and creating a friendly atmosphere.

Updating your kitchen island with lighting can completely change its look and feel. From multiple pendants and chandeliers to wall sconces, there are endless options for brightening your kitchen island. Here is an overview of 9 ideas for updating your kitchen island with lighting.

Types of Kitchen Island Lighting

Before diving into the different ways to update your kitchen island with lighting, it's essential to know what types of lighting are available. We can group lighting into three basic categories: ambient, task, and accent.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting, aka general lighting, is designed to light up a large area evenly. Its uniform illumination bounces off the walls, floors, and ceilings giving the room a soft glow. Your windows or glass doors provide natural ambient lighting, while fixtures like LED downlights, recessed lighting, chandeliers, and track lighting provide artificial ambient lighting.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is designed to illuminate specific working areas like your kitchen island. Its directional, focused light casts shadows in the direction of work that needs to be done - like prepping ingredients and cooking meals. Pendants, under cabinet lights, desk lamps, and LED strip lights are all excellent task lighting options for your kitchen island.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting helps draw attention to specific areas in a room, such as artwork, plants, or furniture. They also make smaller rooms and spaces look more prominent by adding depth. You can also use accent lighting as task lighting or highlight a particular area in your kitchen. Popular accent lighting options include wall sconces, track spotlights, and picture lights.

"...Creative use of the right pendants can instantly transform your kitchen island. Hanging multiple pendants of the same style over your kitchen island effectively adds light and interest to the space."

9 Ways to Update Your Kitchen Island with Lighting

Watts per bulb, fixtures, style, size, and hanging height are all important factors to remember when updating your kitchen island with lighting. Here are a few ideas to help you start creating the perfect atmosphere for your space.

1. Consider Watts Per Bulb

The wattage of a bulb indicates the amount of energy consumed and, in turn, the brightness it emits. For example, if you want your kitchen island to be well-lit for meal prep and cooking tasks, you'll need brighter bulbs with higher watts per bulb. LED light bulbs are ideal because they use less energy while providing the brightness you need. A transitional pendant light like the Matte Black and Wood Finish, St. Ives Collection , which takes four 60 W bulbs, is excellent for a warm and inviting atmosphere. The LED equivalent of a 60 W bulb is 7-9 W.

2. Hang Pendants in Multiples

Creative use of the right pendants can instantly transform your kitchen island. Hanging multiple pendants of the same style over your kitchen island effectively adds light and interest to the space. Consider the Missoula Collection , which features an eye-catching French Country design with three slender vintage bulbs on a center stem base. Whether you choose a downward-facing or upward option, the classic pedestal socket base anchors the lightly seeded glass shade to create a stunning look.

3. Measure the Size of your Kitchen Island

Choosing the right size for your light fixtures is essential for updating your kitchen island. For example, if you purchase a large chandelier but have a smaller kitchen island, the look may not be cohesive, and the space may appear cluttered or cramped. A small or medium-sized kitchen space may be better suited for a linear pendant or multiple mini pendants. For instance, the Modern Farmhouse Chandelier, Galvanized Steel Finish from the Brighton Collection , gives a casual look with elegance. Its rustic design features a blend of metal and wood tones, providing an airy feel to the space.

4. Think About Height

The height at which you hang your lighting also contributes to your kitchen island's overall look and atmosphere. Pendant lights should generally be hung between 28-34 inches above your kitchen island countertop for optimal lighting. Generally, the taller your ceiling, the higher you can hang your lights, while lower ceilings should have their fixtures closer to the countertop. A good guideline is to hang your lights at least 7 feet above the floor for a dramatic effect.

5. Play with Spacing

It's crucial to consider spacing to keep your lighting from appearing too cluttered. Pendants should be spaced between 24-36” from the center (30 inches is ideal-18 inches is minimum). Don’t forget to leave 8-12” from the edge of the countertop. This could be different for your kitchen. It is important to consider balance over your island. This will ensure that each pendant stands out and adds to the overall look of your kitchen island.

6. Mix & Match Different Types & Styles

Why not get creative and mix things up? An eclectic style can add a modern twist to your kitchen island lighting. Consider combining different types of light fixtures in one space - like a combination of mini pendants, industrial-style pendant lighting, or chandeliers. Or you can opt for different colors and finishes like the Crystal Chandelier, Olde Bronze Finish from the Lille Collection , which features a set of concave arms dropping from the central suspension detail. Its double-trimmed ring takes on a sparkly twist by pleasantly suspending linear pieces of cascading prismatic clear glass to create an exquisite atmosphere.

7. Use Your Kitchen Island to Showcase a Focal Point

Your kitchen island can also be used as an opportunity to highlight a stunning centerpiece that will draw attention and create visual interest. An eye-catching chandelier like the Industrial Chandelier, Charcoal Finish from the Nashville Collection is perfect for making a bold statement. Its smoothly flowing curved suspension arms link the chain drop to an underlying perching ring, and the towering light bulbs create a stunning focal point.

8. Incorporate Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are an ideal way to provide additional lighting while adding an element of style. They can brighten a darker corner or accentuate artwork, but they're also great for your kitchen island. The Mediterranean Charcoal & Satin Brass and Nickel Finish from Vineland Collection is an excellent example. Its illustrative design features inverted wrought iron rods that give off a charming light, while its semi-flush mounting option allows it to be placed almost anywhere.

9. Choose the Right Finishes

The finish of your lighting fixtures can help combine all the elements in your kitchen island. Whether you opt for a classic bronze or modern black, choose a metal finish that matches your space's colors. For instance, a brushed nickel finish like the one on the Mid-Century Modern Ceiling Light, Brushed Nickel Finish from the Albuquerque Collection acts as a neutral base and goes with almost any décor style.

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