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4 Easy Ways to Customize Your Home

4 Easy Ways to Customize Your Home

Just because your home is typically your first, and often your most valuable, investment doesn't mean that it cannot also be an exceptional means of expressing yourself through customization. Typically, such efforts not only allow you to make an aesthetic statement: often, you also experience a nice boost in value through a well-conceived, quality construction job. 

This concept works for both existing structures, including tract homes, and a construction from the ground up. It may appear that an entirely new construction project gives you the most freedom and broader options, but do not delude yourself into believing an existing building severely limits your creativity.  In cases where you want to reimagine current spaces, it's not a matter of thinking outside that box, but rather the challenge of redesigning the interior of your box. 

No matter your current housing situation, your freedom to express your own urban ambience is wide-ranging; almost all of your limitations are also imagined, so you should be encouraged to let your imagination soar to the height of your dreams before getting down to brass tacks and actually converting that dream to a reality.  With that concept in mind, here are four easy ways to personalize your new or existing home.

Lighted Kitchen Cabinetry

Whether you are building from scratch, or simply want to provide a much needed and appreciated facelift to existing kitchen cabinets, adding lighting to your cabinetry will make a world of difference. You may initially visualize this as cabinets with external lighting, perhaps track lights which can focus and highlight different areas of your kitchen counters and cooking spaces; yes, this is an exciting and vibrant approach to creatively showcase spotlighted areas and will offer you lots of options to consider.

However, do not overlook the chance to finally shed much needed light on the interiors of your cabinets and drawers. No longer will you be surprised by the forgotten goods lost in the deeper recesses of your shelves and in the backs of drawers; plus cleaning cabinets and drawers will finally be a fast and effective task, so whenever you open them you feel as if a clean, sparkling stage has been lit before you, brilliantly illuminating access to your dishes, silverware, and other kitchen utensils and supplies.

Bathtub and Shower Upgrade

Of all the places in your home, your bathroom takes the most abuse and is more likely than other areas to require an upgrade sooner rather than later. Particularly in older existing homes, the buildup of mold and other gunk will take its toll over time; this is one reason why bathroom remodels are always popular and in demand. However, since you know that bathrooms tend to demand more care and maintenance, it's the perfect time to perform an effective bathtub and shower improvement that factors in the potential damage which the continuous presence of moisture threatens.

If you are working with existing space limited to a combination shower and bathtub, you may want to consider a walk-in shower as a suitable replacement, especially if you have a second bathroom which hosts a bathtub. Whether you decide on a bath and shower combo, or go all in on a lavish shower installation, it is the perfect opportunity to consider improving the visibility through more efficient lighting schemes. The proper lighting selection usually makes the difference between an acceptable upgrade and one which blows away your guests and ignites a warm glow inside you each time you enjoy your new space.

Entertainment Center

When it comes to entertainment, there are all kinds of creatures: some people love reading, others are avid music fans, some are current on the latest streaming movies and shows, and then you have gamers, both electronic and classic board types. Most likely, every member of the household is a hybrid with a mixed love of varying entertainment sources. Regardless of the types of entertainment-lovers living within your walls, most entertainment centers evolve into being based upon changing demands and needs over time; this also results in multiple inefficiencies and workarounds, all of which can be resolved through a well-conceived and executed redesign of your main entertainment area.   

There are plenty of pre-built entertainment center designs you can directly purchase, but for the hobbyist who loves woodworking projects, this is also a great opportunity to customize your entertainment center to satisfy every entertainment seeker in your home. This is also the perfect time to assess the lighting in your entertainment area; a combination of floor lamps, table lamps, track lighting, and wall sconces gives you an almost infinite number of design possibilities to make attaining optimal lighting conditions that much easier.  

Spa and Garden Space

Here is another idea which can work effectively either indoors or outdoors; it really all depends upon your interior and exterior parameters, but once you have determined the best location for a combination spa and garden space, the fun of designing it begins. What makes this concept so enthralling is how spas and gardens seems to have a natural affinity and relationship to each other, which makes the pairing of the two that much more effective and appropriate.

Both gardens and spas offer a space for relaxation, meditation, or a luxuriant escape from the madness of the moment; when intertwined into one space, there is a mutual feeding of energy, fragrance, and moods, especially when interspersed with strategically placed lighting. If installing a hot tub as the centerpiece of your spa section, it is the perfect place to spotlight; also various ground lights scattered about the garden area can add an otherworldly flavor to make the entire spa and garden space a dreamy retreat from the vicissitudes of life.

Note that indoor gardens require good drainage, so your best bet may be the clever and artistic use of potted plants, shrubs, and trees for a longer-lasting and easier-to-maintain garden atmosphere.

Each of these four potential house improvements not only make your life more enjoyable, but they also add lasting and measurable value to the most important and valuable investment you may ever own: your own home. And by collaborating with Urban Ambiance, you have lighting experts by your side who bring experience, expertise, and quality lighting products to any home improvement project you may be considering, thus increasing the likelihood for a positive boost in value. As we have noted so many times before, a professional home improvement is never an expense, but a smart investment in the property which is also your home and security.

We invite you to contact us and share with us your dreams of an ideal urban ambience; we would be honored to be part of the team who transforms your dream into a fulfilling and breathtaking reality!

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