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Country Lighting

Country Style

Country Style


Country style pertains to an aesthetic design that depicts the popularity of rural farmhouse-like structures. This style of artistic decoration has appealed to the masses because of the impression of modest living it eludes too. The country-style takes its inspiration from a vast amount of geographical locations.

The design relies on nature and creates a flow towards more raw yet sophisticated forms of art. It is generally manifested by vintage textures, softened colors, milk-paint polishes, and primitive furnishings. Soft and pastel colors exhibiting the wear of time are expressive of a rustic country style. A more modern country look may accentuate an intensifying color palette with tones of red, black, or true white to form the design.

Stenciling or vintage signage is a great part of the design in the decorative composition of art. The elements of wood and rock are used to develop a country-style décor, including other organic substances.

The variety of chandeliers and lights form the country style, which portrays a casual vibe with an emphasis on natural materials that are frequently in a rough or basic state, realistic hues, and most of all, a simple, welcoming manifestation that reflects a cozy and comfortable feel. This collection often showcases rustic or primitive decorations, which enhance the true essence of nostalgia.