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Vintage Design Style Lighting Fixtures

Vintage design style lighting fixtures channel bygone eras, capturing nostalgia and timeless charm. Often crafted from materials like aged brass, frosted glass, or patinaed metal, they showcase designs from specific decades or styles. Whether art deco pendants or Victorian sconces, their unique details and antiqued finishes evoke memories of the past. Radiating a warm, reminiscent glow, they infuse interiors with historical elegance.

UQL2520 Traditional Ceiling Light, 11.25"H x 15.25"W, Antique Gold Finish, Austin Collection

Ceiling Light

$311.00 $427.99
UHP3021 Art Deco Pendant Light, 23" x 20", Midnight Black Finish, Rochdale Collection

Pendant Light

$407.00 $560.99
UHP2841 Vintage Chandelier, 18-1/4" x 9", Palladian Gold Finish, Varna Collection


$301.00 $410.99
UHP2840 Vintage Chandelier, 18-1/4" x 9", Polished Chrome Finish, Varna Collection


$301.00 $410.99