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Casual Style Lighting Fixtures

Casual style lighting fixtures infuse spaces with relaxed elegance. Often characterized by simple designs and natural materials, they effortlessly blend functionality with aesthetics. Perfect for homes seeking a laid-back ambiance, these fixtures may include textured lampshades, rustic finishes, and organic shapes. They illuminate rooms with a cozy, unpretentious glow, evoking a sense of comfort and welcoming warmth.

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UQL3130 Casual Chandelier, 12"H x 43.25"W, Restoration Bronze Finish, Vallejo Collection


UJR0310 Luxury Power-Loomed Synthetic Plush-Pile Rug

From $44.00 $58.99
UEX7800 Mediterranean Table Lamp 12''W x 12''D x 18''H, Antique Gold Finish, Lindsborg Collection

Table Lamp

$186.00 $278.99