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Provincial Style Chandeliers

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Provincial Design Style Chandeliers

Provincial design style chandeliers channel the authentic charm and warmth of European countryside homes. Made from materials like wrought iron, distressed wood, and vintage metals, these chandeliers often display artisanal craftsmanship, intricate scrollwork, and patinated finishes, all embodying a rustic elegance. Their designs radiate a sense of history and pastoral serenity.

Gracing dining rooms, living spaces, or entryways, provincial chandeliers cast a gentle, inviting glow, setting a backdrop for timeless moments and gatherings. Their presence conjures images of rustic vineyards, cozy farmhouses, and the age-old traditions of a life lived close to the land.

UHP2469 Cosmopolitan Chandelier, 19" x 16-1/4", Olde Bronze Finish, Lille Collection


$493.00 $688.99
UHP2468 Cosmopolitan Chandelier, 19" x 16-1/4", Antique Silver Finish, Lille Collection


$493.00 $688.99