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How to Balance Light in Your Living Room

How to Balance Light in Your Living Room

Lighting plays a huge factor in a room’s design. Without the proper lighting, a space can feel dingy and cold. It’s especially important to have adequate lighting in your living room because that’s often the most popular hangout spot in a home. This useful guide will show homeowners how to balance light in your living room. You’ll find that even the simplest changes can make a world of difference.

Choose a Statement Light Fixture

Every living room needs a statement piece. Some homeowners choose to paint an accent wall, while others hang large paintings. Consider hanging an urban chandelier in your front room if you want to catch people’s attention. If you surround a large chandelier with other smaller light fixtures, this will really help balance out the space. We have a wide selection of chandeliers to choose from here at Urban Ambiance. Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve the design of your dreams. Experts will help you choose the perfect chandelier that’ll have people talking every time they visit.

Pick the Right Bulbs

You must choose the right lightbulbs for your living room. No one will ever want to hang in the space if it’s dimly lit. According to a 2018 article posted in The New York Times, LEDs are the way to go. LED bulbs are offered in various colors, so they’ll match any ambiance you’re going for. Also, LEDs protrude a warmer and inviting light, which is perfect for a room that sees a lot of people. Finally, LEDs are more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent. If you’re focused on leading a more sustainable lifestyle, then LEDs are the right choice for you.

Maximize the Space

Anyone wondering how to balance light in their living room should understand the importance of maximizing the space. A large chandelier from Urban Ambiance will illuminate most of the room. However, you should add other light fixtures if you feel the area is lacking. For example, most people forget about the corners of a room. If your corners are dark and need to be illuminated, place some floor lamps on the ground to brighten things up. The more square footage you utilize, the better.

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