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The Western Design Style

The western design style is easy to achieve for every room in your home. The style involves primitive elements such as wood and animal prints. This design is associated with remote rustic living and early homesteading. One of the identifiable features of this style is that it involves the use of animal themes and upholstery.

Western Design Style Architecture

Western-style architecture signifies the architectural styles in Europe and the regions that share cultural traditions with Europe. The western style emphasizes the American confrontation between man and nature.

  • Western design involves bricks, marble, concrete, and animal materials.

  • A double-columned entrance portico that is Doric, Corinthian, or ionic design 

  • A narrow court in front of the structural design.

  • Front porches topped with pediment with the door positioned at the center of the house.

  • Symmetrical double-hung windows for lighting.

Western Materials

Once you have the right basics of the western style you are interested in, get a selection of materials you need for your home. The design style will bring an element of nature like greenery and wood. The materials used in this style should be considered natural and heavy. The style needs durable and long-lasting materials. Consider the following materials for your design style:

  • Heavy wood (oak or ash), large stone features, thick upholstery, and animal materials.

  • Use rustic logs, wood paneling on the ceiling.

  • Stones or wood to be used in making the floor, and an earthy rug to create warmth.

  • Stick to an animal theme to tie your room together; a mixture of cloth and leather can make your home look warm and attractive.

Western Colors and Finishes

When it comes to finishing colors, choose what makes you comfortable. Color and finishes make the living space warm and cozy and give a western feeling. To make your western home design look cozier, you should consider the following:

  • Use deep brown and sandy, warm colors.

  • Vibrant bright reds, greens, and sky blue can be added as pops of color.

  • Natural materials like genuine leather, stones, wood, and wrought iron should be used when finishing the living space.

  • Use a rustic chandelier, scatter animal artifacts around the room, and a cow rug to create a warm western living space in your home.

Western Furniture and Decor

Having a well-decorated home with simple furniture is essential in this design style. The idea of decorating a home should come from anything old but rugged in looks and nature. Comfortable and natural furniture instead of ornate ones will make your western home inviting and relaxed. To get your furniture and décor styles right, consider the following elements:

  • Use wood, rocks, leather, and metal to decorate your living space.

  • Decorate your fireplace and mantle with artwork in oil.

  • Use vintage photos, paintings, and western artifacts to make your room inviting.

  • Use leather and hides on your furniture and coaches.

  • Use simple long curtains made from thick material like suede.

  • Beautifully carved animal skulls like that of a buffalo bring out attractive artwork to the living space.

Western Lighting

Lighting can create an ambiance for a room. Proper lighting is important in decorating your living space. The types of lighting lamps you choose to express your home décor. 

  • Use lamp chandeliers, and pendants designed with western spirit.

  • Use sconces and vanities to provide wall lighting where you need it.

  • Tables, floors, and overhead ceiling lamps provide the lighting you need in other rooms of your western home.

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