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The Venetian Design Style

The Venetian design style is inspired by Venice, the Italian city famous for its structural design, art, and rich culture. This town is also heavily influenced by its trading partnerships with Spain, as well as the Islamic culture and Gothic architecture dating back to the 14th-century. Some attributes of the Venetian design style include inflected arches, ornate glass artwork, dome-like ceilings, elaborate lighting, shimmery (mosaic) textures and surfaces, art deco furnishings in soft yellows, dark reds, and bright/ light blue color pallets.

Venetian Style Architecture

Venice is well-known for its Gothic architecture; specifically, its arches that are crucial to any Venetian-style home that needs a stunning curb appeal. Aesthetically ornate, Venetian style architecture finds inspiration from the Doge's Palace (Palazzo Ducale). It features some of the following design elements.

  • Pillars and domed windows

  • A grand arched wooden entry

  • Gold or silver metallic leafed crown molding.

  • Pointed arches complete with "lacy" ropework and ornaments

  • Decorative features such as four-leafed gold clover or a Gothic tracery

  • Loggia – a covered outdoor gallery that runs along the façade of a building

Venetian Materials

You can't go wrong with Venetian plaster. It's not only made from non-toxic limestone, but it can also be tinted. This is despite most homeowners preferring beige, brown, or gray hues that are reminiscent of soft earth tones. Terrazzo made from marble chips and glass-tinted cement is another must-have flooring material. 

  • Venetian flooring with striking hues of gold, ruby red, sapphire blue, purple amethyst, and emerald green. 

  • Versatile and durable terrazzo flooring such as epoxy terrazzo, cementitious terrazzo, rustic terrazzo (for exterior spaces), and cushion terrazzo

Venetian Colors and Finishes

Bring the spirit of a Venetian palazzo into your home by making a grand, colorful statement in your rooms. To achieve this, decorate your interior spaces with shimmering vibrancy in mind. To infuse some color into your decor, employ finishes with Venice-inspired hues such as warm oranges, whites, sea-greens, faded reds, and blues. For example, you can use:

  • Decorative carnival masks

  • Celestial-inspired artwork found in dreamy metallic hues

  • Venice-themed paintings featuring Venetian canals and gondolas

  • Venetian-inspired plants like Italian poppies, bougainvillea, crocus, and oleanders

Venetian Furniture and Decor

Venice is known for its mirrors, furniture, and ornate glass artwork like the colorful Murano glass. To accomplish a timeless Venetian interior design look, ensure all furnishings come from high-quality material to guarantee they last a lifetime while exuding class and finesse. That said, style your space with:

  • A statement Murano glass sculpture

  • Venetian mirrors with elaborate gold or silver leaf etched or beveled frames

  • An antique baroque dresser or a Venetian-style console with arched legs

  • Heavy Venetian blinds or silk, damask, or velvet curtains

Venetian Lighting

The Venetian design style is undeniably stunning. From gold or silver leaf gilded mirror frames to colorful Murano sculptures and 24-inch velvet curtains. So, it's only befitting that you go big on lighting. And what better way to illuminate your Venetian-inspired home and tie everything together than with:

  • Luxurious chandeliers

  • High-end pendant lights

  • Murano Venetian-style glass chandelier to create a statement in any room

  • Vintage electric lights that do a fantastic job of distributing a soft, even glow

  • Custom or handmade gold or silver gilded chandelier that emits a gentle, relaxing, warm light

If the Venetian design sounds like something you'd be interested in for your next home improvement project, contact us at Urban Ambiance today. We would love to guide you on the best lighting to help you obtain the Venetian style.