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The Tudor Design Style

The Tudor design style signifies a style of architecture used in western Europe in the late 11th and 12th centuries. You don't have to be a specialist in design to identify a Tudor style home. Their unique appearance makes them more recognizable. Tudor homes come in both smaller and bigger sizes. If you are a person who values classic home design styles, then the Tudor design style is meant for you.

Tudor Style Architecture

Tudor design uses front-facing gables of different heights, a steeply pitched roof, and an exterior made of bricks. When using this design to construct or renovate your living space, know what you have and want to add to it.

  • A brick chimney with a stone or metal extension at the top.

  • Steeply pitched roofing with multiple overlapping.

  • Rooms with columns or gabled roofs can be balanced out with modern windows.

  • Triangular gables with decorative half-timbering.

  • A lighter-colored stucco or stone fills gaps between the timbers to create a two-toned exterior.

Tudor Materials

The materials you use to achieve this design should be a mixture of different styles. The materials you use in this style should be the ones that bring out the beauty of your home.

  • Strong black timber, wattle, daub, and sticks.

  • Accent interior spaces with dark wood detailing on the floor, walls, and ceilings.

  • Plaster the walls and add porcelain tiles throughout your living space.

  • Use bricks, stucco, and wood for the exterior.

  • Add long rectangular windows positioned in clusters in your home.

  • Myriad materials, solid masonry, and elaborate forms.

Tudor Colors and Finishes

Work to preserve a charm and a fresh look for your home with paint and colors. Prioritize what makes you comfortable, remembering the Tudor home styles are classy. Bring back the ancient world style into the modern world with home exteriors that are fresh and fabulous. Use brown, cream, and white colors for the exterior of your living space.

  • Stain front doors to highlight the natural wood grain.

  • Use lime wash paneling and oak paneling on wall coverings.

  • Sisal, coir mats, or heavily textured wool with a neutral color for floor covering.

  • Wood floors covered with oriental rugs are the best.

Tudor Furniture and Decor

Having a home with good decorations is vital in the Tudor living space. Comfortable but ornate furnishings make your Tudor home inviting and relaxed. The ideas for decorating a Tudor living room should come from anything vintage but classy to fit into the modern design. To get everything right about Tudor décor and finishes, consider the following elements:

  • Use heavy ornate wood furniture such as trestle tables, benches, heavy chests, and four-poster beds.

  • The fireplace in your living room should be stone or tile.

  • Walls should be done with tapestries and embroideries.

  • When furnishing your Tudor home, get sofas with bullion fringed skirts and tufted furniture.

Tudor Lighting

Lighting in your living space can make and create an ambiance. Proper lighting defines your living space and helps decorate your home. Lighting both the exterior and the interior of your living space makes your home more inviting. Lighting in your Tudor home doesn't have to be dull but should create warmth and elegance in your living space.

  • Wrought iron and multicolored chunks of glass.

  • A pair of oversized iron and brass Tudor sconces with twisted finials.

  • Use lamps to create a fascinating and elegant feeling for your home.

  • Wall lights and sconces. 

  • The rustic style of the chandelier.

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