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The Rustic Design Style

If you're thinking of remodeling your home, one of the styles you might have heard bandied about is the rustic design style. The rustic style describes an interior design that is simple or unsophisticated in a typical way of the countryside. A rustic design style represents a casual, natural, aged, and rough style. The category is broad and incorporates various styles and colors. Regardless of these variations, a rustic style is defined by its rugged, natural beauty.

Rustic Style Architecture

Rustic architecture is a style in the United States used in rural government and private structures and their landscape interior design. The rustic design style is defined by an open floor plan. It is characterized by modern furniture and preserved and exposed natural elements.

  • Use white accents such as painted brick to add a modern flair to the look.

  • Include a stone fireplace to add a rustic touch to your room and leave it looking vibrant.

  • Incorporate steel-framed windows to lend a modern edge to wood-paneled rooms.

Rustic Materials

Natural materials such as raw wood, stone, and metals dominate these designs as the main challenge is to create an interior that resembles the simplicity and beauty found in the outside world.

You can do the following to add the aura of a rustic aesthetic.

  • Use wide, wood plank flooring to complement the wood beams supporting the ceilings.

  • You can use a vibrantly colored, handmade, patchwork quilt to enhance the rustic look and feel.

  • Hanging quilts on the wall is another excellent way to bring down-home comfort to a space.

  • Adding furniture made from recycled and reclaimed materials will reinforce the sense of rustic feel.

Rustic Colors and Finishes

The rustic design color scheme is simple, with large windows bringing the outdoors in. Rustic colors are deep and organic. They include greens, browns, grays, fall colors, and other colors that can be found readily in nature.

  • Use neutral and natural tones like greens, browns, and grays to lend your bedroom a warm, cozy feel.

  • Incorporate large windows to create the perfect relaxing ambiance for your home.

  • Use dark but vibrant colors to add personality to your room. 

Rustic Furniture and Decor

Rustic furniture and decor are characterized by a natural, rough, aged, and casual design style. This style has an informal elegance that promises comfortable and modern living. Here are a few ways you can use furniture to give your home that rustic look you're seeking.

  • Add vintage furniture like an antique settee to the room to enhance the style and personality of a space.

  • Incorporate pallet beds and distressed storage trunks, and other recycled furniture.

  • Add warm and casual area rugs, or fur textured throws for rustic decor.

  • Try to use lime green, chocolate hues, or a dominating gray-cyan colored fabric.

Rustic Lighting

Rustic lighting is typically loved for its simplistic style, vintage aesthetic, and handcrafted appearance. These light fixtures are typically designed to give an aged appearance inspired by the classical look. Some of the popular finishes for rustic lighting include wrought iron, zinc, brass, oil-rubbed bronze, antique copper, forged silver, and aged metals.

  • Consider adding a petite crystal chandelier and a lantern-style fixture to add a touch of elegance to your room.

  • Recycle graters into light filters to complement a rustic decor

  • Drill tree logs and nestle candles and enjoy warmth and coziness.

  • Use light bulbs and barn wood to amplify wooden textures with warm light.

Want To Learn More?

You can do so much more to give your room a rustic tone. Are you thinking of remodeling your home but are stuck on what style to pick? Get in touch with us, and we will help you realize your lighting vision.