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The European Design Style

Europe has one of the most interesting and widely varied home design styles. This can largely be attributed to the sheer variety of cultures and influences that have entered the region throughout history. This style incorporates art, décor, and architecture from Germany, Italy, France, and other European countries. It emphasizes minimalism, smaller spaces, and neutral colors.

 Designing your home to evoke the feeling of Europe can be exciting, but it's also important to make sure you get the look right. Let’s look at some important elements of the European design style.

European Style Architecture

The European home features an inspired mix of aesthetic architectural styles, ideals, and thoughts merged with technological advancements. In fact, a blend of modernism and innovation is seen in works by famous architects. The construction of each home is done keeping in mind various aspects like land availability, daylighting, protection from weather conditions, and zoning regulations. 

  • Steeper, hipped roof forms

  • Simple lines and open interiors

  • Gaping staircase to the upper level

  • Open shelving 

  • Courtyard garage entries

  • Elegant formal rooms such as offices

  • Fireplaces and inner courtyards

European Materials

The key to achieving a European-style building is to use traditional materials like stone, wood, and stucco. These natural elements add texture and are popular in different environments from coastal areas to snowy mountain regions. What matters most in using these materials is quality. Use only stones that have been hand-picked for their unique coloring and smooth finish. They should be employed in a rough or rustic finish, so they don't look new or polished. 

  • Smooth stucco

  • Ceramic tiles

  • Rough brick or stone

  • Wide plank wood flooring

  • Plaster or gypsum board ceilings

  • Wood walls and glass doors to reveal space

European Colors and Finishes

European homes are often painted in neutral colors, with white, beige, taupe, and gray being popular choices. Darker tones are more commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms, however can be used in other rooms as an accent. Finishes tend to be natural. You won't find a lot of plastic or metal parts inside European homes. Instead, you'll see hardwood floors paired with stone or ceramic tile countertops and lots of wood cabinetry with granite finishes. If a home is particularly traditional, you may even find wrought iron accents or delicate molding work throughout.

  • Soft and neutral colors

  • Dramatic Accent Color

  • Matte rather than glossy finishes

  • Elaborate exterior detailing

  • Textured walls that give an old world feeling

  • Creative eclectic cabinetry 

  • Rustic beams

European Furniture and Decor

Furniture in European homes tends to be less ornate and more solid than that in American homes. Paired with heavier-looking pieces, your home will look clean and comfortable, not dated. Solid colors are a good choice for a sofa or chair. Light colors can make your home feel bright but also a little cold if you don't mix them with darker tones. For example, a white sofa in a white room can look slightly monotonous. A cream-colored sofa paired with black accents will appear fresher and more cohesive.

  • Large-sized pieces of furniture

  • Velvet or cotton fabrics

  • Old World Charm pieces 

  • Large art display on walls

European Lighting

The use of lighting adds visual appeal and mood to a home. When designing a European style home, it's imperative to incorporate decorative lighting that is appropriate for both day and nighttime. The style often utilizes chandeliers or wall sconces above dining tables or master bedrooms, as well as integrated recessed ceiling lights. This home design element allows rooms to be inviting during any hour of the day.

  • Traditional chandelier

  • Island pendants

  • Outdoor lanterns

  • Heavy iron sconces

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