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The English Country Design Style

The English country design style combines a maximalist and mix-match style that originated in England but became popular in America through the works of Nancy Lancaster. It presents a comfortable, timeless design, with a touch of traditional looks, such as a floral rug, olden decor, and vintage antique pieces.

English Country Style Architecture

English country houses embody class, decorum, tranquility, and adoration for classical items. From traditional-looking hardwood floorings to large windows, this design is for someone who is not afraid of stylish clutter. Below are some of the distinguishing features of English country style architectural design:

  • Rustic carpentry that is versatile and unique

  • Large glass windows to give your home maximum natural lighting

  • Large rooms with vaulted ceilings

  • Classical and welcoming large wooden doors that form the highlight of the vast house

  • Covered porches with beautiful designs that shout elegance

  • Large breakfast area combined with the kitchen to provide an ample sitting area

  • An informal dining area

English Country Materials

In the 1940s, English homeowners built huge mansions that were well fenced to keep off feuding rivals and trespassers. The owners appreciated a quiet, undisturbed life inside their rooms, thus fortifying their homes. The modern English country house reflects these qualities, where you can rest after a long day of work. They are also a perfect design for country houses and vacations, weekend getaways, and retirement homes. Common materials used in this design include:

  • Stone walls and concrete floors

  • Reclaimed wood cabinets and kitchen counters

  • Floral wallpapers that make the rooms inviting and warm

  • Built-in home libraries with books, magazines, and other reading materials

  • Hardwood floorings

  • Glass windows 

  • Colorful carpets and decorated rugs

English Country Colors and Finishes

The English country interior design focuses on a darker color palette with a mix-match of floral and decorative patterns. For instance, you may paint your kitchen surfaces a dark green color and throw in floral decor such as flower vases, fruit bowls, and kitchen table towels. Floral wallpapers may create a soft look with flattering soft finish drapes, curtains, rugs, and cushions for other rooms.  

  • Colorful walls, upholstery, decor, and surfaces

  • Darker colored palettes such as teal, crimson, grass-green, gold, deep blue, and burgundy purplish and red color

  • Artistic finishing on wallpapers, rugs, carpets, and decor, such as floral patterns

  • Vintage and rustic looks on interior and exterior finishes

English Country Furniture and Decor

When it comes to furniture, decor, and other collectibles, the modern English country style accommodates more of everything. There should be more chairs, tables, cabinets, wall hangings, lampshades, family treasures, and paintings. Put them all on display to create a maximalist and informal look that makes your home a comfortable haven. Below are the characteristics of the decor and furniture pieces of this style:

  • Classical antiques that look vintage and stylish

  • Woolen rugs that make the living room warm and cozy

  • Lots of collectibles that give a cluttered look, displaying your collections

  • A mixture of classical and modern fabrics, such as velvet for throw pillows, cushions, drapes, curtains, and upholstery

  • Fresh flowers placed on antique coffee tables

  • Conservative fireplaces that take you back to traditional times

English Country Lighting

A perfect English country house should be well lit with a touch of traditional lighting and a modern blend. The large windows and drawn drapes allow sufficient natural light to enter the rooms, while at night, an array of hanging lights and tabletop lamps light the house with warm light.

  • Vintage lamps with colorful lampshades

  • Globe pendant lighting to light the hallways

  • Wall lamps for porches and living room to illuminate wall paintings

  • Hanging lanterns and artistic chandeliers

  • Floor lamps for the home library

The English country style marries the traditional characteristics of British homes and the modern interior design style. This design shouts classic elegance, and comfort, from conventional fireplaces to trendy home decor and floral patterns. 

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