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The Desert Modern Design Style

When you think of the minimalist, bohemian, or mid-century modern design styles, you might not immediately think of the desert. But believe it or not, the arid landscape can be a major source of inspiration for all kinds of interior design.

The desert modern design style is a great way to bring the outdoors in and enjoy the natural beauty of the desert. Additionally, this style is all about simplicity and functionality, two things that are always in style. The key elements of this design are natural textures, neutral colors, and clean lines.

Desert Modern Style Architecture

Desert Modern design style is a modern architecture that draws inspiration from the desert environment. It emphasizes clean lines and simplicity in architecture. This style is all about letting the landscape be the star of the show. As such, desert modern homes are often designed to take advantage of the stunning views.

  • Large windows and glass doors are common features, as they let in natural light and make the most of the landscape.

  • Indoor/outdoor living is also a key part of this style.

  • Patios, decks, and balconies are common features in desert modern homes. These outdoor spaces help bring the beauty of the outdoors inside the home.

  • The flooring is often made of natural materials like stone or wood to create a seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

Desert Modern Materials

The desert modern style relies heavily on natural materials like stone, wood, and cactus. These materials help to create a connection between the home and the landscape.

  • Natural stone can be used for flooring or walls.

  • Wood flooring, beams, and furniture add a warm and inviting touch to the space.

  • Cactus can be used as a decorative element or incorporated into the landscape.

Desert Modern Colors and Finishes

Desert colors are muted and subtle as opposed to bright or flashy colors found in other styles of architecture like Mediterranean or Victorian. Neutral colors like off-white, black, and gray are what you'll find in most desert modern homes. The use of natural materials such as wood and stone contributes to the muted color palette. The finishes are also kept simple and natural.

  • Polished concrete, wood, and stone

  • Off-white stucco is also a popular finish

  • Metallic finishes like copper and bronze help reflect light and add a touch of luxury.

Desert Modern Furniture and Decor

The furniture in a desert modern home is simple and functional. Pieces are often made of natural materials like wood, metal, and stone. Furniture is also kept to a minimum to avoid clutter. The goal is to create a clean and uncluttered space.

While the desert modern style is all about simplicity, there is definitely room for pattern and texture. A few well-chosen pieces are all that are needed to achieve the desert modern look.

  • Boho-chic rugs

  • Kilim pillows

  • Sleek framed art and furniture

  • Ceramic vases with desert plants

  • Potted cacti and succulents

  • Use storage baskets made of seagrass

  • Woven linens

Desert Modern Lighting

Lighting is a crucial part of any interior design style, but it is especially important in desert modern homes. The use of natural light is a key element of this style.

  • Pendant lights

  • Floor lamps

  • Table lamps

  • Large windows and glass doors help to bring in plenty of natural light.

  • Recessed lighting is also often used to highlight architectural features or works of art

  • String lights can be used indoors or outdoors to create a warm and inviting ambiance

The desert modern design style is all about simplicity and connection to the landscape. For all your lighting needs, we got you covered! Contact us now to get started.