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The Cottagecore Design Style

Cottagecore design is a newer interior design style. Its romantic, nature-driven involves a combination of traditional, farmhouse, classic and eclectic design elements. The design captures a life that is more rural and comfortable.

Cottagecore Style Architecture

Cottagecore architectural design is ideal for many reasons, and it is a perfect solution for a variety of people. Currently, it is designed to have open floor plans, halls, and wider doorways. Even though the newly designed Cottagecore has some modernity which is more comfortable and efficient, it still takes you back to the old era.

Cottage design is similar to the modern house, but it has some elements:

  • Asymmetrical design with a chimney on the exterior and interior of the home.

  • Rustic but not too rustic traditional feel.

  • Smaller footprints with under 2000 square feet or less than that.

  • A porch design is typical as it adds a pleasant feeling to the home.

Cottagecore Materials

Once you get the basics of Cottagecore, you need to check on the materials you want to use to make your home look attractive. Once you plan on building a cottage home, the next thing that should come into your mind is the materials. 

  • Use earthy, warm, neutral tones in everything from textiles to warm colors.

  • Usage of rustic furniture and accessories.

  • Usage of second-hand furniture and decors from the yard.

  • Use nature-inspiring decor such as fresh or dried flowers and plants.

  • Use materials such as wood, stones, textiles like linen and wool.

Cottagecore Colors and Finishes

Cottagecore design should have a warm and attractive design on the exterior and the interior. Prioritize comfort in the furniture you chose and keep in mind that a classy cottage is aesthetically inspired. Embrace the use of bold colors on the walls and artwork that makes it more pleasant, approachable, and comfortable.

  • Use of color on surfaces like the floor and furniture.

  • Use colors such as white, green, or cream on the walls.

  • Use wood for floor finishing.

  • Opt to use vintage furniture for design.

  • Hang vintage wallpapers on the wall to make the Cottagecore décor more pleasant.

  • Create DIY pieces

  • Add soft furnishings like overstuffed pillows and long curtains to make your house homey.

Cottagecore Furniture and Decor

Having a Cottagecore home is all about simplicity, personal freedom, comfort, and self-reliance. The home should embrace the use of wood, wicker, hemp, and other natural materials. Open shelving may be used to hold old books and rustic antiques. Vintage decor not only works with style but helps achieve a nostalgic vibe within the Cottagecore design.

  • Antiques.

  • Open shelving for old books and rustic materials.

  • Use of vintage books.

  • Use of old wood to make benches.

  • Use macramé pieces made of furniture, hemp, and decor.

  • Vintage baskets and wooden stools in the kitchen.

  • Design and décor pieces paired with cottage home materials finish the work better.

Cottagecore Lighting

Enough lighting in a Cottagecore home is a design element that will make everything look pleasant and attractive. Proper lighting reveals your furniture, the decor, and the design of your home. 

  • Corner windows and bright ceilings are great for letting natural light into the room.

  • Rectangular chandeliers can make the study and the hallway attractive.

  • Steel pendants exposed to bulbs can work well in the kitchen and the dining room.

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