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The Cottage Design Style

If you're dreaming of a small, cozy home, you might want to consider the cottage design style. Cottages can take many forms depending on their location and architectural details, but they're all elegant, serene, and intimate.

 These homes are often found in suburban areas, built from materials like wood and stone, or with high vaulted ceilings to make the best use of limited space. Whether you're looking for a new cottage or hoping to remodel your current one, here are some great design styles that might inspire you. 

Cottage Style Architecture

When you picture a cottage, what do you see? A small, quaint building made of brick with white shutters, surrounded by a fenced-in yard? Cottages come in all shapes and sizes. The main idea behind cottage-style architecture is that it's compact and simple in design. It may include:

  • Smaller footprint, generally less than 2,000 sq ft

  • A rustic design that gives a traditional feel

  • Small porches

  • Bay windows

  • Gable roofs

  • Stucco walls

Cottage Materials

To bring a bit of cottage charm into your home, start with materials that evoke cozy memories. Stone, wood, and glass can all create an instantly quaint environment. If you're looking for something less traditional, cedar shingles or a weathered wood floor can help create a cabin-in-the-woods vibe in your home. For exterior details, painted brick or wooden shutters are ideal. You might also consider adding vintage items such as hitching posts or birdhouses to your backyard. Think about:

  • Stone surfaces for exteriors

  • Natural, unpainted wood accents

  • Roofing with wood shingles

  • Stone in the bathroom

  • Exposed bricks

Cottage Colors and Finishes

As you begin to narrow down your design idea, it's crucial to think about color and finish. While many people love pastel homes, these colors may not be ideal for a cottage design style. In case you have an older home with light-colored interiors, or your lot is largely made up of lighter hues and tones, a white cottage may look dated or stark against it. Instead, choose colors that complement your landscape and will age well over time.

  • Pure white for the interior and exterior

  • Rustic red to create a feeling of an ancient country farmhouse

  • Beige will make your cottage blend with its natural environment

  • Earthy green

  • Bold and beautiful black to show off your bright-colored furniture

Cottage Furniture and Decor

Add a whimsy and natural, homey touch to your abode with cottage-inspired furniture. A range of styles exist, from classical country to modern shabby chic. Even rustic is gaining popularity as a design choice for cottage-style homes. What makes a piece rustic is its texture and finish, rather than its wood construction. For example, an armoire with wrought iron detailing and unfinished wood would have an overall rustic feel. Conversely, a similar armoire with maple veneer would not be considered in that category.

  • Combine wood and wicker furniture

  • Wrought iron

  • Mix and match wooden furniture

  • Vintage kitchen table and chairs

  • Traditional, curvaceous sofas

  • Soft, down-filled cushions

Cottage Lighting

Add texture and depth to rooms with well-placed lighting, in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Outdoor lights can add an appealing glow to patios or pool areas, while lighting within cottage-style homes can help bring an eclectic mix of styles together into one space. If you prefer more modern fixtures, look for options with clean lines that would fit right in with any industrial or mid-century decor. 

  • Wood look chandeliers for distinctive illumination 

  • Glass lights to direct light across your room

  • Handmade pendants

  • Rise and fall pendants

  • Wall lights in the bathroom and rooms with low ceilings

Need Help Picking Out Fixtures?

At Urban Ambiance, we are here to help you. Whether you want something Rustic, or you'd like to replicate the vintage style of your grandparents, we have many light options to help. Contact us to learn more about this and other styles.