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The Colonial Design Style

A home conceived in the colonial style will provide you with a soothing, calming, and relaxing design. Additionally, the dark and bright colors are modest and combine comfort, and luxury under one roof for a classic look. Today, countless people opt for this style to make their homes look highly desirable. 

Colonial Style Architecture

For those searching for a classic home, colonial design style is the most preferred choice. Being simple, rectangular, and symmetrical, colonial-style homes usually have two stories. Additionally, the wooden staircase is designed at the home center. Here are some characteristics of Colonial Style Architecture.

  • Grand exterior entryways with pillars and large front doors

  • Coffered Ceilings 

  • Large central fireplace or two on either home side. 

  • Symmetry is emphasized

Colonial Materials

Traditionally, the two most important building materials used in the colonial design style are natural stone and wood. 

  • The house's exterior is lined with brick.

  • The windows and entryway are structured with the help of large wooden frames. 

  • The flooring is made of natural wood.

  • The colonial style is characterized by dark woods oak, maple, oak, walnut, mahogany, and cherry.

Colonial Colors and Finishes

Colonial-style colors often have soft and muted tones. Some of the most common colors are the modest earth tone colors such as almond, reddish-brown, dark brown, beige, white, creamy yellow, taupe, muted greens, and ochre. The soft colors will stand out from the crowd and empower your room and home

  • Natural soft and muted colors.

  • Walls are painted with a light shade such as beige or cream

  • Ceilings are decorated with leather or fabric and are bright. 

  • Floors are darker and monophonic 

  • For upholstery in sofas, bedspreads, armchairs, and pillows, homespun style textiles are used showing intricate floral designs and paisleys in prints and tone on tone designs.

Colonial Furniture and Decor

Colonial style focuses on the furniture and decor to enhance the overall look of the space. For instance, the style is completed when soft armchairs are placed near a fireplace. The bedroom might include a four-poster bed, a gilded frame mirror, and a lady's table. 

  • Soft fabrics used on upholstered furniture

  • Plants and other decorative items around your home. 

  • Detailed, carved wood accent furniture.

  • Mirrors and huge framed paintings can be added. 

Colonial Lighting

The home is designed with lanterns, wall sconces, and chandelier to give a grand look. The large window frames are made to let the natural light enter your home interior.

  • Large chandeliers highlight coffered ceilings

  • Table lamps are placed in the living room near the sofa. 

  • Wall sconces accent wall art and frame entryways throughout the home

At Urban Ambiance, we are here to help you. Whether you want something Colonial, or you'd like to replicate the vintage style of your grandparents, we have many light options to help. Contact us to learn more about this and other styles.