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The Art Deco Design Style

Art-Deco design style is one of the most popular styles in modern-day design. It was first introduced in the 1920s. Art-deco is characterized by rounded edges, geometric shapes, and luxurious materials such as silver, steel, chrome, and mirrors.

The movement originated in France and quickly spread in popularity to become one of the most popular design movements. The Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes held in Paris in 1925 was the inspiration for its name.

We've rounded up some of our favorite art-deco designs to help get you inspired for your next project.

Art-Deco Style Architecture

One of the most recognizable characteristics of Art Deco design is that it combines traditional craft motifs with machine-age imagery and materials. As a result, many examples in this style were designed during the early 20th century when technological progress was rapid. As the name suggests, art-deco design is all about art.

  • Geometric Patterns: clean and geometric lines and symmetry, is often considered to be a "modern" aesthetic 

  • Rich and bold colors: the design typically features bold colors and sharp angles.

  • Has unvaried reiteration of features

  • Lavish ornamentation from exotic Influences

  • Metallic accents

  • Delicate detail work

Art-Deco Materials

Art Deco buildings are primarily gold, concrete, or steel with flat roofs and facades characterized by strong horizontal lines—the new materials allowed structures to be built higher than ever before. If you're looking to add some Art-Deco flair to your home, there are plenty of different materials and styles.

  • Fashionable materials for seats and rails such as velvet, shark, and zebra skin

  • Stainless steel in accessories such as mirrors. Steel is a metal that resists rusting and corrosion, so it's attractive for high-traffic areas

  • Furniture material has solid wood construction, with upholstery in fabrics or leathers primarily in muted colors

  • Plastic and Bakelite (a type of plastic) that's cheap to produce but look sleek and expensive.

Art-Deco Colors and Finishes

The color scheme is also very important for your interior design style. Color plays a big role in how a piece of art decor design looks and feels. The colors used may have been determined by the style or time it was made. The finishes make an item unique when it comes to art deco design. It is worth considering this when choosing an item for your own home as it can change how a room looks and feels when you use them too. For example:  

  • Bolder or darker colors were often associated with wealth and status

  • Most art Deco designs are black and white, with chrome or silver finishes

  • Use of one color over others to make artwork appear more vibrant and energetic

  • Using softer colors and tones to convey a sense of calmness or serenity

  • The sharp contrast between colors

  • Art Deco wallpaper features bold geometric patterns in contrasting colors with strong vertical or horizontal lines to produce an effect of height or width. 

Art-Deco Furniture and Decor

Art-deco furniture and decor feature geometric shapes, typically with sharp curves rather than sharp angles. The furniture and decor have rounded edges and clean lines. Natural materials are often paired with lacquered finishes or chrome accents, while geometric patterns are used on walls and floors. Also:

  • Furniture often combines rich woods like walnut or mahogany with glass, metal, or lacquer

  • It also features shaped or curved edges, lines, and corners, rather than the simple straight lines of modern furniture

  • Geometrical shape, large-sized and simple furniture. They had very little detail on them because they were made to be simple and elegant at the same time.

  • Expensive furniture and decor. They took a long time to create as they're handmade instead of unlike today's modern furniture.

Art-Deco Lighting

As with any design, certain qualities define art deco lighting. You're going to want to keep the following things in mind as you choose your art deco lighting pieces. Here are several different types of lights that can be used to achieve the Art Deco look in your home: 

  • Table lamps with chrome stands and square or rectangular bases or shades provide lighting that is functional and stylish at the same time

  • Lamps with circular bases and white fabric lampshades work well too

  • Pendant lights add an elegant design element and provide illumination for the room.

Art Deco style influenced home fashions in many ways. Homeowners today may want to incorporate these elements of Art Deco into their living space to add a touch of Hollywood glamour or bring a taste of the roaring twenties into their abode. Urban Ambiance has everything needed to make your art-deco design style pop. Contact us today!