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Americana Lighting

Americana Style

Americana Style


The Americana art form depicts a lot more than a postcard with Uncle Sam at the Whitehouse or a picture of your parents at the Yankees’ baseball game with relish and mustard on their hotdogs. The Americana art form was introduced as a pop culture reference that referred primarily to folklore, tattoos, and country music in addition to unhinged patriotism.

The Americana style form is a tribute to the urban culture of America and reflects the nation’s pride in anything and everything that can remind people of the nostalgia. The visual art is highly reminiscent of rural landscapes and family portraits – the only two that would depict the American cultural phenomenon in its truest sense. The art form gave room to self-taught artists amidst the likes of Norman Rockwell and Edward Hopper because that is exactly what America is about!

The Americana art form conceived the utilitarian concept of culture and art and reveled in exhibitions that would keep the nostalgia alive. From listening to the blues on the radio to going to the bar to listen to the jazz and country bands live, the Americana art form cannot be complete without mentioning the top musical artists of the 60s.

Associated with the influential subset of the era, the Americana art form is characteristic of rustic furnishings and chipped paintings on walls for a homey spin to modern architecture. The typical Americana household displays family portraits with red, white and blue patriotic elements as its primary interior décor. Our lighting fixtures and chandeliers have shades that are seeded with clear glass and pendants that are shaped with correspondence to the American style art form.