Squares, Circles and Lines

Squares, Circles and Lines

You may have noticed that modern fixture designs have moved beyond the curvy, ornate look of classic fixtures.  Square, circular, and linear shapes abound!

At Urban Ambiance, we've investigated why this is - both by asking our partner manufacturers, and through our own round-table sentiments based on what we know about the market. Here are the conclusions:  

  1.  Urban, modern designs represent where the market is heading. Modern design places emphasis on simplicity. Hence, simple square, circular, and linear shapes.

  2. Lighting technology continues to evolve allowing our fixture designers to focus more on the design, rather than where to house the components. The results are wide range of designs, perfect for the downtown home. 

  3. Simple shapes work well in urban spaces.  But they also work well with just about any style and decor.  So they're androgynous and therefore appeal to a wide audience.

We love how the industry is evolving. While we will always appreciate the classic looks of the French Country, Colonial and Old World fixtures, we at Urban Ambiance have committed to evolving our product line and following today's design trends. 

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